Nominees XXII DetectiveFEST


Full meter (nominees)

  1. Snaeland, USA
  2. Boarding Pass, Iran
  3. The Beautiful Hen Behind The Yao Mountain, Malawi
  4. Le sang des loups, Algeria
  5. Blindado (Steel Clad), Venezuela
  6. N/949, Spain
  7. Nadira, Algeria-France
  8. Yura the Musician, Russia
  9. Hood Dreamz, USA
  10. City of Salt, USA
  11. Resistance, Brazil
  12. Long Blocks, Argentina
  13. Hearts on Fire 2, Argentina
  14. The strategy of the Pekingese, Canary Islands
  15. The Innocence (Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo), Bangladesh
  16. Between Earth and Sky, China
  17. Shadow of a son, Switzerland
  18. Deep in heart, Mongolia
  19. Kwacha, Zambia
  20. Servitude, Philippines
  21. Call Me Agent, Hong Kong
  22. Infidelity, USA
  23. Red rats, Uganda
  24. Korporacija, Sloveniya
  25. Once Upon a Time in the City on a Stone, Ukraine
  26. Shironam, India
  27. Never forever, Italy
  28. Run Rabbit Run, Germany
  29. Pulanaivu, Malaysia
  30. And suddenly it's evening, Italy
  31. Portae Infernales, Austria
  32. Innocent, Cameroon
  33. How The Brave Live, Brazilia
  34. Interesting movies, Russia
  35. Rake, Russia
  36. Misty Mountain Peaks, China
  37. Driver, USA

Short meter (nominees)

  1. Cheat sheet for the Princess, Russia
  2. Lightness of Being, Ukraine
  3. Don’t forget to Breathe, Sweden
  4. Run Away, Turkey
  5. Trauma, Iran
  6. Eve, Russia
  7. Food Truck, Russia
  8. Epicurus, Kenya
  9. Flash, Belgium
  10. Anthony, USA
  11. Freekick, Russia
  12. The Bodyguard, Russia
  13. A Quiet Killer, Pakistan
  14. Tension, Czech Republic
  15. “UpPeR”, Mexico
  16. Just for the money, United Kingdom
  17. Endless day, Iran
  18. And So He Open His Eyes, Russia
  19. Desolation of Evil, USA
  20. Leave Yamlikha Alone, Tunis
  21. Bleeding Gospel, South Africa
  22. Burglary, USA
  23. Micro Movies - The Interrogation, Germany
  24. The salesman, Italy
  25. Big Black Mamba, Сanada
  26. Frank, Earnest with Mercy, Australia
  27. Duty, Russia
  28. Harassed, Spain
  29. Tag, Sweden
  30. The Outcast, Ukraine
  31. Still Life, United Kingdom
  32. Exit, France
  33. Jogger, France
  34. Franka, Croatia
  35. Cartas de Amor a un Torero, Spain
  36. Baraf Ka Gola-Snow Cone, India
  37. Die Bruderschaft des östlichen Tores, Austria
  38. Portal Infernalns, Austria
  39. Falsehood, United Kingdom
  40. In the Deathroom, USA
  41. Swing, USA
  42. Straw, wood and brick, Spain
  43. Pale As Ale, USA
  44. Spider Man & Rodion Raskolnikov, USA
  45. Crowbar Vigilante, Belgium
  46. Help, Kyrgyzstan
  47. The Case of Katelyn Burns, United Kingdom
  48. Gray Case, USA
  49. Pavithras Love, Sri Lanka
  50. Interesting cinema, Russia
  51. Russian Mongol, Russia

Television series

  1. According to the laws of war, Russia
  2. Pleasure principle, Russia
  3. Cold Shoress, Russia
  4. The Reckless, Russia
  5. Hot spot, Russia
  6. Cover-Up Band, Russia
  7. Shadow behind, Russia
  8. Gangs of Rostov, Russia
  9. In Pursuit, Russia
  10. Paper pusher Season, Russia
  11. «Aria of the doomed», Russia
  12. Demolitiinist, Russia
  13. Terrorism is a threat to the world!
  14. “S”, Russia
  15. Daring, Kazakhstan
  16. Hajid, Kenya
  17. Yemen Unveiled, Yemen
  18. Threat from the North, Russia
  19. The state of emergency. Investigation. «AUEvshie detki», Russia.
  20. 27 Second Memory, Russia
  21. «Death Caravans» - from the Anatomy of Terror cycle, Kazakhstan
  22. The state of emergency. Investigation. “Revenge for the Crimea and the Donbass: a schoolgirl told how the terrorist Mushroom recruited her”, Russia
  23. Ceres, Russia
  24. Play with pain, Iran
  25. Saapalath Smaranaya, Sri Lanka

Dirty money

  1. Bloody Empire of Mikhail Khodorkovskiy, Russia
  2. Alexey Bagin. Petersburg detective. Issue “Corruption in the medical and social sphere”, Russia
  3. The state of emergency. Investigation. The Crime Clan, Russia
  4. No price, Spain

War and Peace

  1. Zeldovich: Theories of Combustion and Detonation, Belorussia
  2. Charactered By Time, Russia
  3. Kara maiyor, Kazakhstan
  4. Between Two Enemies, Macedonia
  5. Home, India
  6. YPJ: Blueprint For A Future, USA
  7. OUT, Israel
  8. Brother, Kazakhstan
  9. Fortitude, Uzbekistan
  10. Tranzit, Egypt
  11. Escaping Fort 13, United Kingdom
  12. Józefa’s Letters - Extraction From Oblivion, United Kingdom
  13. Weapon Victory, Russia
  14. Invasion, Russia
  15. Lev Rokhlin. Ordered to forget. (The Heart of the Lion), Russia
  16. I am Russian, too. Two dreams of the Serbian poet, Serbia
  17. The Lords of Elbrus, Russia
  18. The state of emergency. Investigation. The plot of the exploits of the Sofrinsk brigade in Afghanistan and Chechnya, Russia.
  19. «Time for the first», Russia
  20. «Do the Russians want war?», Russia
  21. Doff, Iran
  22. Sagadat Nurmagambetov: The Last Interview, Kazakhstan

Civil society

  1. 1937, Georgia
  2. The Borovsk Effect, Russia
  3. Transformation, Belarussia
  4. Second Future, Germany
  5. Helpline, Belorussia
  6. Sincerely Yours, Sweden
  7. Lynch Court, Ukraine
  8. The Followers, Chili
  9. The Will in Us, Russia
  10. Marc Schober, Germany
  11. Reserve Askania-Nova, Ukraine
  12. Alexey Bagin. Petersburg detective. “Sity Slaves”, Russia
  13. Alexey Bagin. Petersburg detective. “Deceived equity holders”, Russia
  14. State of emergency. Investigation. The plot "Nizhny Novgorod found a criminal article torturing neighbors with horse neighing", Russia
  15. “Zakhar Prilepin. Russian lessons. " Issue "Buzova and Konyukhov - Heroes of the Epoch", Russia
  16. Cellmate, Iran
  17. The Picture, Russia
  18. Deviant Devotion, United Arab Emirates
  19. Daring, Kazakhstan
  20. Sea is Shaking, Russia
  21. Appointed by Time, Kazakhstan

The world without drugs

  1. Salt, Russia
  2. Four, Ukraine
  3. Solenoid 404, Armenia
  4. Taking Over, USA
  5. Special Order, Russia
  6. The documentary film "Neiva", Russia
  7. The state of emergency. Investigation. «80-year-old grandmother sentenced for growing poppy», Russia
  8. Special Order, Russia

Crime and Punishment

  1. Fair Game, USA
  2. The Ugly Dusk, India
  3. Captives, Bolivia
  4. Post, Czech
  5. Lens, USA
  6. “The investigation was conducted... with Leonid Kanevsky”: “Save our souls”, Russia
  7. Overkill, USA
  8. Bifurcation point, Russia
  9. Cavallo di Ritorno, Italy

Road safety

  1. Brothers, Australia
  2. Main Road, Russia
  3. State of emergency. Investigation. The plot "In Russia, from May 1 will begin to establish new road signs", Russia
  4. First Gear, Russia

Environmental crime

  1. How Blue Is Your Ocean, USA
  2. Element, Russia
  3. The Last of Aegean, Turkey