Section I Genre nominations

1. Feature film  detective, law enforcement, military and anti-terrorist themes  


  • Infidelity, USA
  • Korporacija, Slovenia
  • How еhe Brave Live, Brazil

Special diplomas of the jury:

  • Pulanaivu, Malaysia
  • Blindado (Armored Truck), Venezuela 
  • Once Upon a Time in the City on a Stone, Ukraine
  • Boarding Pass, Iran
  • Le sang des loups, Algeria
  • Nadira, Algeria-France
  • Yura the Musician, Russia
  • City of Salt, USA
  • Resistance, Brazil
  • Long Blocks, Argentina
  • Hearts on Fire II, Argentina
  • The strategy of the Pekingese, Canary Islands 
  • Innocence (Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo), Bangladesh
  • Between Earth and Sky, China
  • Shadow of a son, Switzerland
  • Deep in Heart, Mongolia
  • Servitude, Philippines
  • Run, Rabbit, Run, Germany

Special diplomas of the jury (out-of-competition):

  • Russian Raid (full length), Russia
  • Beastly Robberies (cartoon), Russia
  • Adolescence (short film), Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Snaeland,  USA
  • The Beautiful Hen Behind The Yao Mountain, Malawi
  • N/949, Spain
  • Hood Dreamz, USA
  • Kwacha, Zambia
  • Call Me Agent, Hong Kong
  • Driver, USA
  • Shironam, India
  • Never Forever, Italy 
  • And Suddenly It's Evening, Italy
  • Portae Infernales, Austria
  • Fortitude, Uzbekistan
  • The Borderline, Zambia
  • Rake, Russia
  • Innocent, Cameroon
  • RedRats, Uganda

2. Live action shorts films, detective, law enforcement, military and antiterrorist themes


  • Flash, Belgium
  • Micro Movies – The Interrogation, Germany
  • Falsehood, United Kingdom

Special diplomas of the jury:

  • Cheat Sheet for the Princess, Russia
  • Eve, Russia
  • Duty, Russia
  • Cartas de Amor a un Torero, Spain
  • In the Deathroom, USA
  • Desolation of Evil, USA
  • Puberty Period, Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Lightness of Being, Ukraine
  • Trauma, Iran
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe, Sweden
  • Run Away, Turkey
  • Food Truck, Russia
  • Epicurus, Kenya
  • Anthony, USA
  • Free Kick, Russia
  • The Bodyguard, Russia
  • A Quiet Killer, Pakistan
  • Tension, Czech Republic
  • UpPeR , Mexico
  • Just for the Money, United Kingdom
  • Endless Day, Iran
  • And So He Open His Eyes, Russia
  • Leave Yamlikha Alone, Tunisia
  • Bleeding Gospel, South Africa
  • Burglary, USA
  • The Salesman, Italy
  • Big Black Mamba, Сanada
  • Frank, Earnest with Mercy, Australia
  • Harassed, Spain
  • Tag, Sweden
  • The Outcast, Ukraine
  • Still Life, United Kingdom
  • Exit, France
  • Jogger, France
  • Franka, Croatia
  • Baraf Ka Gola-Snow Cone, India
  • Die Bruderschaft des östlichen Tores, Austria
  • Portae Infernales, Austria
  • Swing, USA
  • Straw, Wood and Brick, Spain
  • Pale As Ale, USA
  • Spider Man & Rodion Raskolnikov, USA
  • Crowbar Vigilante, Belgium
  • Help, Kyrgyzstan 
  • The Case of Katelyn Burns,  United Kingdom
  • Gray Case,  USA
  • Pavithras Love, Sri Lanka
  • Interesting cinema, Russia
  • Russian Mongol, Russia

3. Television series of detective, law enforcement, military and antiterrorist themes


  • In Pursuit, Russia
  • The Pleasure Principle, Poland

Special diplomas of the jury:

  • According to the Martial Laws, Russia
  • Cold Shores, Russia
  • The Reckless, Russia
  • Hot Spot, Russia
  • Cover-Up Band, Russia
  • Shadow Behind, Russia
  • Gangs of Rostov, Russia
  • Paper Pusher Season, Russia
  • Aria of the Doomed, Russia

4. "Hero"/ "Antihero" - charismatic performance of the role of a positive hero/ of a negative character in the film / TV series "Hero"(actor/actress)", actor's name/role


  • Dmitry Palamarchuk for a charismatic performance of a positive character in the TV series "In Pursuit", Russia;
  • Anna Banshchikova for best actor performance in the TV series "Hot Spot", Russia;
  • Alexey Nilov - for a charismatic performance of a negative character in the TV series "Demolitiinist", Russia.

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Anna Snatkina - for the role of Olga in the TV series "Hot Spot", Russia
  • Malgorzata Buchkovskaya - for the role of Maria Sokolovskaya in the TV series "The Pleasure Principle", Poland
  • Ekaterina Klimova - for the role of Svetlana Elagina in the series "According to Martial Laws", Russia
  • Ekaterina Vilkova - for the role of Alina Novinskaya in the series "Cold Shores", Russia
  • Sergey Puskepalis for the role of Boris Novinsky in the series "Cold Shores", Russia

Section II "Thematic category" (documentary)

1."Terrorism is a threat to peace!"- on combating terrorism, extremism, xenophobia, racial and religious hatred: 

Winner – Death Caravans - from the cycle "Anatomy of terror", Kazakhstan

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • With, Russia
  • Valiant, Kazakhstan
  • Hadid, Kenya
  • Yemen Made Public, Yemen
  • Threat from the North, Russia
  • Emergency. Investigation. "Auensee" kids, Russia.
  • 27 Second Memory, Russia
  • Emergency. Investigation. Revenge for the Crimea and Donbass: a Schoolgirl’s Story of  tHow She Was Recruited by a Terrorist nicknamednamed ‘MushroomЬ, Russia
  • Ceres, Russia
  • Play with Pain, Iran
  • Simple Memory, Sri Lanka

2. “Dirty money” – about fight against corruption:

Winner – Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Bloody Empire, Russia

Nominee’s diplomas:

  • Alexey Bagin. St. Petersburg Detective. Issue "Corruption in the Medical and Social Sphere", Russia
  • Emergency. Investigation. "Criminal Clan", Russia
  • Priceless, Spain

 3.“Crime and punishment” – about fight with different type of crimes:

Winner Bifurcation Point, Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Fair Game, USA
  • The Ugly Dusk, India
  • Captives, Bolivia
  • Post, The Czech Republic
  • Lens, USA
  • “The Investigation Was Conducted... with Leonid Kanevsky”: “Save Our Souls”, Russia
  • Overkill, USA
  • Cavallo di Ritorno, Italy

4. "World without drugs" - on the fight against drug trafficking:

Winner – Special Order, Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Salt, Russia
  • The Fourth, Ukraine
  • Solenoid 404, Armenia
  • Taking Over,  USA
  • Special  Order, Russia
  • The documentary film "Neiva", Russia
  • Emergency. Investigation. «80-year-old Grandmother Sentenced for Growing Poppies», Russia

 5. “Civil society” - about citizens ' fight for their rights:

Winner – "Zakhar Prilepin. Russian Lessons". Issue "Buzova and Konyukhov - Heroes of the Epoch", Russia

Special diplomas of the jury:

  • Alexey Bagin, Russia-for the series of stories (issues) "Petersburg Detective".

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • 1937, Georgia
  • The Borovsk Effect, Russia
  • Transformation, Belarus
  • Second Future, Germany
  • Helpline, Belarus
  • Sincerely Yours, Sweden
  • Lynching, Ukraine
  • The Followers, Chili
  • The Will in Us, Russia
  • Marc Schober, Germany
  • Askania-Nova Reserve,   Ukraine
  • Alexey Bagin. Petersburg detective. “City Slaves”, Russia
  • Alexey Bagin. Petersburg detective. “Deceived Equity Holders”, Russia
  • Emergency. Investigation. "Nizhny Novgorod Applied Criminal Charges against a Citizen Torturing Neighbors with Horse Neighing", Russia
  • Cellmate, Iran
  • The Picture, Russia
  • Deviant Devotion, United Arab Emirates
  • Valiant, Kazakhstan
  • TheSea is Rough, Russia
  • Appointed by Time, Kazakhstan    

6. "War and peace" - documentaries about military service and military duty:


  • Lev Rokhlin. Ordered to Forget. (Part II: Lion’s Heart), Russia
  • "Do the Russians Want War?", Russia
Special diplomas of the jury:
  • Emergency. Investigation. Plot about the exploits of the Sofrin brigade in Afghanistan and Chechnya, Russia
  • Weapons of Victory, author's film by A. Dutov, Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • Zeldovich: Theories of Combustion and Detonation, Belorussia
  • Spirit of the Times, Russia
  • Kara Major, Kazakhstan
  • Between Two Enemies, Macedonia
  • Home, India
  • YPJ: Blueprint For A Future, USA
  • OUT, Israel
  • Brother, Kazakhstan
  • Fortitude, Uzbekistan
  • Tranzit, Egypt
  • Escaping Fort 13, United Kingdom
  • Józefa’s Letters - Extraction From Oblivion, United Kingdom
  • Invasion, Russia
  • Sagadat Nurmagambetov: The Last Interview, Kazakhstan
  • I am Russian, too. Two Dreams of the Serbian Poet, Serbia
  • The Lords of Elbrus, Russia
  • The Spacewalker, Russia
  • Doff, Iran

7. Road safety-crimes committed on the roads and prevention of such crimes:

Winner – "Main Road", Russia

Nominees’ diplomas

  • Brothers, Australia
  • Emergency. Investigation. "In Russia, New Road Signs Will Be Installed afterfrom May 1", Russia
  • First Gear, Russia

8. Environmental crimes-the fight against crimes in the field of ecology:

Special diploma of the jury - Element, Russia

Nominees’ diplomas:

  • How Blue Is Your Ocean, USA
  • The Last of Aegean, Turkey

screenwriter Andrey Tumarkin, Russia
awarded with the diploma and prize
"or Contribution to the Development of the Detective Genre"